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Beginning April 1, 2018, Somerset Silver is reducing prices to liquidate inventory.

For all new orders, please note in the comments section of your order if you need an exact quantity of an item and we will contact you if we do not have enough. Otherwise, in the case of limited stock on an item, we will ship what is available.

All sales, including past sales, are final.

Somerset Silver, Inc.
P.O. Box 253
Mukilteo, WA 98275

Fax 425-641-3394


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why have you secured your wholesale pricing?
A: While we have displayed wholesale prices in the past, the time has come to secure them for our wholesale clients, many of whom have requested that we do so. With the opening of our retail operations, the time was right to secure our wholesale information.
Q: Why is there so much variance in pricing between silver sellers?
A: For over 30 years, the price of silver was extremely stable which allowed for sellers to be very consistent with pricing. Since early 2006, the silver markets have been extremely volatile, forcing silver sellers to change their prices, oftentimes very quickly. At this time, you will find silver sellers with inventory that was purchased when the market was low, and others when the market was high, and many use their inventory cost to set their prices. At Somerset Silver, we don't penalize you with higher prices if our inventory was purchased at the wrong time. We price our products according to the trends in the silver markets and currency exchange rates.
Q: Will my credit card and other personal information be secure?
A: Yes. We have partnered with industry leading financial service companies to ensure that all information you submit is handled with the utmost security. Please see our privacy policy for more information.
Q: Can I pay with a check or money order?
A: Yes, provided that it is in US dollars and drawn upon a US bank. During the checkout process, you will have the option to either pay by credit card or by check or money order. If you prefer to pay by check or money order, please make it payable to Somerset Silver Inc and send it to: Somerset Silver, PO Box 253, Mukilteo, WA 98275. Please also write the order number, found on the order confirmation you'll receive by email, on your check or include a printed copy of the order confirmation. If you do pay by check or money order, be advised that we reserve the right to hold your order for up to 10 business days until the check or money order clears. Your order will be canceled if payment is not received by us within 10 days of the order date.
Q: Do you have order minimums?
A: Yes, for wholesale orders, the minimum order amount is $100.  For retail orders, the minimum is $25. You will not be able to complete the checkout process if the total of your shopping cart is less than these amounts.
Q: Do you charge sales tax on retail orders?
A: We charge sales tax only on retail orders with shipping addresses in the state of Washington. If you are a Washington resident with a business license, please establish a wholesale account with us in order to purchase our products without paying sales tax.
Q: During checkout, why is the sales tax calculated at a rate of 9.5% on my order?
A: For retail orders shipping to the state of Washington, sales tax is estimated in the shopping cart at the highest potential rate. When your order is ready, we will change the tax to reflect your local rates if it is less than 9.5%.
Q: Am I required to order online, or can I submit my order by phone, email, or fax?
A: We'd hope that you'll take advantage of our easy-to-use online ordering process. It offers many advantages including instant order status notifications and order history details. If you'd still prefer to order offline, we'd be more than happy to accept your order by whatever method you prefer. If you'd like to phone in your order, call us at 425-609-8570 (800-281-1170 Toll Free in U.S.). You can also use our online order form and submit it directly. Or, you can print the online order form, fill it out, and either send it as an attachment by email or fax it to us at 425-641-3394.
Q: Can I order something that you no longer stock?
A: In many cases, products that we no longer stock may still be available. We'd be happy to order these for you, provided that you can meet minimum order quantities and provide a deposit. Please contact us for further information in terms of minimum quantities and lead time.
Q: Will you backorder a product for me?
A: We'd be happy to keep backorder records for you. When the item arrives, we will notify you by email that it is available. If you're still interested in it, we'd ask that you reply right away so as to ensure that you are able to get the quantity that you would like. If we do not receive a response from you within two weeks, we will disregard the backorder.
Q: Do you accept custom orders?
A: Yes, we'd be happy to accept a custom order. For custom sterling silver orders, be advised that there may be modeling and mold fees charged by the manufacturer. We will include these fees in your price. It is often difficult to estimate the exact price of custom items since we don't often know the true weight of the item until it is completed. Be advised too that the price will be dependent on the silver market rates for the day that the order is placed.
Q: How long will it take before I receive my order?
A: Please refer to our shipping policy.
Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, we do. Please see our shipping policy for additional details.
Q: Can I return a product if it's not what I expected?
A: We want you to be excited about the products you purchase from us. If you're not satisfied for any reason, you're welcome to return the product to us. We do ask that you first file a Return Merchandise Authorization request so that we are aware that you are making a return. For more information on returns and the RMA request, please see our merchandise return policy.
Q: What is the silver content of your products?
A: Hill Tribe silver is fine silver, generally 95-99% pure. Because it is fine silver, it is much softer than our sterling silver at 92.5%. All of our silver is nickel-free, and we do not sell any silver plated products.
Q: Does your silver tarnish?
A: All silver products will tarnish over time. This is not as much of a concern with Hill Tribe silver in as much as it already has a more rustic and antique look to it. There are a variety of ways to clean silver. One of the easiest is to put your silver into a non-coasted aluminum pan with a couple spoonfuls of baking soda, and then add boiling water. Be sure to avoid using your favorite pan as the oxidation from the silver will transfer to the pan. Another method, used in Thailand, is to soak your silver in lemon or lime juice, diluted with a little water.
Q: Do you do trade shows?
A: Our first priority is to provide excellent service to you, our customer, via our online sales, so shows are not a regular part of our operations. Having said that, Somerset Silver does sell at some shows around the country, and we're always interested in looking at new shows. For a complete list of our upcoming shows, please refer to our show schedule.
Q: Can we partner with you for a trunk show?
A: We'd be happy to discuss a trunk show with you. We do have a contract that we'll ask you to sign and return to us. Please give us a call if you're interested.
Q: Do you have a store that I can visit in person to view your products?
A: Unfortunately, we are strictly an internet business and our facilities are not open to the general public. We do allow for some of our wholesale clients to visit and buy in person, but that is by permission only and there are minimum purchase requirements. If you'd like to arrange for a special buying trip, please contact us at least one week in advance.
Q: Do you have a catalog?
A: We do not publish catalogs. Our product line is extensive and changes often enough that any catalog we printed would become outdated very quickly. We do offer a downloadable catalog, in PDF format on our website, that we try to keep up-to-date in regards to our product selection. Please note that we do not publish pricing in the catalog because our prices are subject to change at any time. If you are interested in a catalog, we suggest that you step through our online catalog and print the pages that are of interest to you. Or click the Download a Catalog link on the right side of our product menu.
Q: What is Hill Tribe silver?
A: Hill Tribe silver is very special line of silver beads, charms, and findings, handmade by the Karen tribes in northern Thailand using traditional techniques. Because of this, no two pieces are exactly alike. As well, the size and weight of pieces does vary, and over time, even the patterns can change. By purchasing Hill Tribe silver, you are helping to support a very special culture in Thailand. For more information on the hill tribes and Karen people, see our page on Karen culture.



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